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Integrative Therapy:
The Art and Science of Relationship

by Janet Moursund,University of Oregon and
Richard G. Erskine
,Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy

ISBN: 0-534-51355-7; 271 pp.

This clearly written and readable description of integrative psychotherapy/counseling focuses on the central role of the psychotherapeutic relationship in general, both in the healing process and in maintaining a psychologically healthy life. It posits that the psychotehraputic relationship is key to helping clients become integrated or whole. The work can be divided into three parts: Theoretical Foundations, Therapeutic Practice and Transcript (a full, verbatim transcript of a therapy session). A linkage index provides links between concepts covered in the text and applications as demonstrated in the transcript.


  • The book provides consistent attention to the role of relationship in therapy, and on how to establish and maintain that relationship.
  • The authors review the historical and theoretical foundations of psychotehrapy and the importance of the therapeutic relationship.
  • The book discusses specific therapeutic phrases and skills that therapists need in order to build on that relationship (e.g. "Phases" begin with "Developing Empathy" and move through the course of treatment to "termination"; "skills" include behavioral and gestalt techniques as well as the therapeutic use of regression).
  • The third part of the book provides a transcript of an entire therapy sessio that illustrates their relationship - the transcript at the end of the book is a unique way to illustrate the integrative approach and this structure presents a flexible option for professionals.
  • The transcript likage index provides yet another way for viewing and using the transcript.

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