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Compliance, Internal Criticism, and Withdrawal:Psychotherapy of the Schizoid Process

Richard G. Erskine, PhD.

A 2-Session Zoom Seminar: Wednesday and Thursday — October 14 &15, 2020
18:00 to 21:00 European time

In this 2-session Zoom Seminar we will explore the concept of the Schizoid Process and how it may affect some of your clients who are depressed, shy, suffer from in-ternal criticism, or fear intimate relationships. Dr. Erskine will teach about the self-stabilizing process of internal-splitting, the various forms of the Self, the dy-namics of compliance and withdrawal, alternating attachment patterns, the func-tion of internal-criticism, and the unique methods that each part of the Self re-quires. This Zoom Seminar will emphasize the theory and methods related to the psychotherapy of the Schizoid Process. Following this Webinar we may arrange for some supervision sessions by Zoom to explore the unique methods of working with Compliance, Internal Criticism and Withdrawal and how the methods may be use-ful with your clients.

To prepare for this Zoom Seminar please read
Beyond Empathy: A Therapy of Contact-in-Relationship.

(Erskine, Moursund & Trautmann, 1999, Brunner/Mazel, NY)

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This Zoom Seminar will be in English and French with simultaneous professional translation by Steffi Tarade.
A certificate for 6 hours of continuing education will be provided.
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