Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy

Psychothérapie Intégrative: Formations et ateliers


Relational and Integrative Psychotherapy

with Richard G. Erskine, PhD
Sponsored by CEP Eric Berne and Instituto de Análisis Transaccional y Psicoterapia Integrativa.

A 5-day Experiential Workshop: Friday, May 17 to Tuesday, May 22, 2019
Barcelona, Spain

This five-day experiential workshop will focus on the centrality of the therapeutic relationship while emphasizing the in-depth methods of a psychotherapy that integrates the client's affect, cognition, physiology and behavior. The themes of this workshop may include Life Scripts, unconscious pre-reflective patterns, nonverbal communication, introjection and physiological survival reactions. Various methods of working within an involved therapeutic relationship, supportive regression, and/or a caring body therapy will be taught and demonstrated. This experiential workshop is for mental health professionals who want to apply theory in clinical practice and to enhance their effectiveness through identifying aspects of their own contact interruption, life script, and countertransference.

Dr. Erskine will demonstrate, teach, and elaborate on the concepts in
Beyond Empathy: A Therapy of Contact in Relationship by Richard Erskine, Janet Moursund, and Rebecca Tautmann, 1999. and in Integrative Psychotherapy in Action by Richard Erskine and Janet Moursund, 2011.

Contacter: Sònia Ferri or Montse Vilardell
CEP Eric Berne C/Mallorca 339
08037 Barcelona
Tél: 93 302 11 02
Site web:
This workshop will be in Spanish and English with professional simultaneous translation.
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