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Relational Group Process: Theory and Practice

Richard G. Erskine, PhD
BIOS Psychotherapy Training Institute

A 5-day Training and Experiential Seminar: Wednesday, September 11 to Sunday, September 15, 2019
Bilbao, Spain

This professional development seminar is designed to provide the experi-enced psychotherapist with a dialogical forum to discuss the theory and methods of group psychotherapy.

Richard Erskine will teach the history and theory of group psychotherapy. He will outline the advantages and disadvantages of group therapy, and the models of "therapy by the group", "therapy in the group" and "therapy though the group process". We will explore the various characteristics of the Transferential process that may occur in groups. Dr. Erskine will also teach and demonstrate with participants the methods of Relational Group Process. Emphasis will be placed on facilitating the healing of relational-disruptions that may have occurred in school, the family, with pears, and in previous group settings. This workshop will focus on enhancing rela-tionships via the full involvement of each group member. We will discuss the ethics of group psychotherapy. Richard Erskine will lead seminar members in discussions focused on how the concepts and methods of group psychotherapy can be used in each participant's clinical practice.

Amalurra Retreat Centre (near Bilbao, Spain)

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This workshop will be in Spanish and English with professional simultaneous translation. A certificate of Continuing Professional Education will be issued on completion.
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