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Early Affect Confusion
Relational Psychotherapy for the Borderline Client

Richard G. Erskine

A Zoom Seminar: Three Wednesdays: February 1 & 15; March 1, 2023
3 hours each session
Time: UK, 16:00-19:00;
Western Europe, 5:00-8:00pm;
NA Pacific time 8:00 am-11:00 am;
NA Eastern time 11:00am to 2:00 pm

For many psychotherapists, borderline clients present a professional challenge because of their frequent relational conflicts, varying developmental levels of transference, and their polarization of emotions, such as: idealization and hate, elation and despair, anger and dependency. This three-session Seminar will provide diagnostic perspectives on Attachment Disruptions, an understanding of the aetiology of Early Affect-Confusion and the formation of the Borderline Personality, the therapeutic use of treatment contracts, the significance of an attuned therapeutic relationship, and a working knowledge of when and how to use behavioural interventions and/or supportive age regression.

Dr. Erskine will teach several methods that are effective in the psychotherapy of borderline disorders. They may include the methods of transference resolution and countertransference identification, the bifurcation of therapeutically relevant challenges, calibrating for juxtaposition reactions, responding to oscillating relational-needs, and the importance of a sustained phenomenological inquiry and affect attunement.

Contact: For information and registration please contact Elena Stankovskaya
This program will be in English with translation to Russian
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