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The Narcissistic Dilemma
Developmentally-based, Relationally-focused Integrative Psychotherapy

Richard G. Erskine

A Zoom Seminar: 3 Wednesdays — 3 hours each session
March 15 & 29;  April 12, 2023
Time: UK, 16:00- 19:00;
Western Europe, 5:00-8:00pm;
NA Pacific time 8:00 am-11:00 am;
NA Eastern time 11:00am to 2:00 pm

The psychotherapy of Narcissistic dynamics often revolves around the client’s relational dilemma whether “to need or not to need”. This dilemma results in behavioral characteristics of extreme self-involvement, grandiosity, an absence of empathy and a lack of interest in others, even while others are being used to obtain approval and admiration. In this workshop Richard Erskine will lecture on the aetiology, intrapsychic conflicts, and the relational conflicts in the lives of clients who have narcissistic character traits.

Dr. Erskine will describe in detail the narcissistic client’s internal and behavioural dynamics and the relational methods necessary in an effective psychotherapy for clients with issues of Narcissistic processing. These characteristics may be present in the behaviour of other clients who may not be diagnosed as “narcissistic” but who’s internal functioning may have the similar dynamics. We will distinguish between a Narcissistic Style, Pattern, and a Personality Disorder. We will also discuss the “closet narcissist” – the client who is covertly self-centered while acting shy, timid, and ineffective.

Contact: For information and registration please contact Elena Stankovskaya
This program will be in English with translation to Russian
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