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Relational Perspectives in Gestalt Therapy: Comparing and Contrasting Theory and Practice

with Dr. Richard G. Erskine

An In-person Experiential Training Seminar : October, 27, 28 &29 2023
Friday & Saturday 10 to 14 & 16:30 to 20:00
Sunday 10 to 14 hours.
Madrid, Spain

VP Jardín Metropolitano,AV. De la Reina Victoria, 12
28003 Madrid salon Hispania

In this training seminar, Dr. Richard Erskine will present the theory and
methods of developmentally based, relationship-centered Gestalt therapy. He
will conduct live therapy with group members to demonstrate various concepts
and then engage the group in a discussion of the theories and methods used.
We will explore traditional and relational perspectives of Gestalt Therapy.

Gestalt therapy has recently been enriched by integrating relational and
developmental perspectives. Some concepts that may be explored in this
seminar include: attunement to affect and developmental pacing; relational
needs; relational support versus self-support; contact and contact
interruptions; inquiry and involvement; acknowledgement , validation, and
normalization; empathy and interpersonal contact; psychotherapy of
introjection; and, when to use or not to use the empty chair or two-chair
methods. Dr. Erskine will empathize the concept of “presence”, the
manifestation of an I-Though relationship. Erskine will present an
integrative and contemporary perspective on Gestalt Therapy.

Richard Erskine has over 50 years of experience working with clients who
have suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse in childhood. He is the
author of 10 books on psychotherapeutic theory and methods. He teaches
workshops and training programs in several countries each year, including
Spain, where he is Professor of Psychology and Education at the University
of Deusto. Bilbao. He has worked with Fritz and Laura Perls, as well as
Izadore From and Joseph Zinker.

We recommend reading Dr. Erskine’s books prior to the Seminar;
three are in Spanish:

Erskine, R.G., Moursund, J.P., & Trautmann, R.L. (2012).

Beyond Empathy: A Therapy of Relations- hip Contact.

Bilbao, Spain: La Editorial Desclee de Brouwer.

Erskine, R. G., & Moursund, J.P. (2014).

Integrative Psychotherapy

. Bilbao, Spain: La Editorial Des- clee de Brouwer.

Erskine, Richard G. (2016).

Therapeutic presence and relational patterns: Concepts and Practice in
Integrative Psychotherapy

. London: Karnac Books.

Contact: Asociación Española de Terapia Gestalt.
C/ Mayor, 58- 5º F
28013 Madrid
Phone: (34) 91 543 06 25
Web page:
This Seminar will be in English and Spanish:
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