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Psychothérapie Intégrative: Formations et ateliers


Supervision in Developmentally-based, Relationally-focused Integrative Psychotherapy

Dr. Richard G. Erskine
Sponsored by Instituto Bios de Psicoterapia Integrativa - Bilbao, Spain

A Zoom Case Discussion & Supervision Group : One Monday per month:
September 20; October 18;
November 22; December 13, 2021
Time: UK = 17:00-20:00;
Western Europe = 6:00-9:00pm; Eastern Europe = 7:00-10:00pm;
NA Pacific time 9:00 am-12:00 pm; NA Eastern time 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm

This 4-session professional development group is for the
psychotherapist or counsellor who wants to enhance their
therapeutic effectiveness in the practice of Developmentally-based,
Relationally-focused Integrative Psychotherapy.

This case consultation and supervision group will include:
• members presenting therapy cases from their own practice for discussion and supervision of their therapeutic work;
• an emphasis on each member enhancing their knowledge and therapeutic skills;
• the effective use of relational methods;
• refining methods related to working from a developmental perspective;
• impromptu teaching of specific topic by Richard Erskine; and,
• group discussions of the theory and methods of a Developmentally-based, Relationally-focused Integrative Psychotherapy

Theory into Practice
Emphasis will be placed on the clinical application of theoretical concepts, refining clinical skills, effective utilization of relational methods, working from a developmental perspective, the inter- subjective use of countertransference, responding appropriately to client's relational-needs, and treatment planning.

Contacter: To Register please contact the secretary, Miren, at Instituto Bios de Psicoterapia Integrativa.
Tél: +34 946 000 333
Site web:
This workshop will be in English with professional translatio into Spanish.
A certificate of participation will be issued upon completion of the 4-session supervi-sion program. This supervision group meets part of the supervision requirements of the Standards and Certification Commission of the International Association for Inte-grative Psychotherapy and both the European Association for Transactional Analysis and the International Transactional Analysis Association.
L'Institut de Psychothérapie Integrative est agréée par l ' American Psychological Association pour offrir un enseignement continu aux psychologues ; le National Board of Certified Counselors pour les conseillers et l' American Board of Examiners in Pastoral Counseling pour les Conseillers Pastoraux. L'Institut de Psychothérapie Intégrative reste responsable de ses programmes.