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Developmentally Based Relationally Focused Integrative Psychotherapy

Richard Erskine, Ph.D.
Sponsored by: Graça Cunha, Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy and Body Image

A 5-day theoretical and experiential workshop : August 12 - August 16, 2020
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

This five-day theoretical and experiential workshop will focus on the centrality of the therapeutic relationship while emphasizing the in-depth methods of a psychotherapy that integrates the client’s affect, cognition, physiology, and behavior.
Dr. Erskine will teach and demonstrate the Relational Methods of Inquiry, Attunement and Involvement as well as describe the various methods of psychotherapy that are influenced by the theories and research in Child Development.

“Healing the neglects and traumas of childhood requires
a psychotherapist who is attuned to each client’s levels
of emotional and cognitive development”.

The themes of this workshop may include life scripts, unconscious pre-reflective patterns, non-verbal communication, introjection and physiological survival reactions. Various methods of working within an involved therapeutic relationship, supportive regression, and/or a caring body therapy will be taught and demonstrated.

Contatti: Graça Cunha, Institute of Integrative Psychotherapy and Body Image
Address: Av. Pasteur, 89 / 1407 – Santa Efigênia – Belo Horizonte/MG Brasil
Tel: +55 (31) 99972-3215
Web page:
This workshop will be in Portuguese and English with simultaneous translation.
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