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Psychotherapy of Unconscious Relational Patterns

Richard G. Erskine & Amaia Mauriz-Etxabe
Sponsored by BIOS Psychotherapy Training Institute Bilbao, Spain

A 5-day Experiential Workshop: Friday, Friday June 12 to Tuesday June 16, 2020
Amalurra Retreat Centre (near Bilbao)

In this experiential workshop we will explore the concept of Unconscious Relational Patterns by investigating how early Attachment Styles, physiological survival reactions, infantile coping strategies, relational disruptions, and developmental crises influence and shape peoples’ lives.

Participants are expected to read discuss the concepts and methods described in Relational Patterns, Therapeutic Presence: Concepts and Practice of Integrative Psychotherapy by Richard G. Erskine, published in 2015 by London: Karnac Books.

This experiential workshop is for mental health professionals who want to apply theory in clinical practice and to enhance their effectiveness through identifying aspects of their own contact interruption, life script, and countertransference. Richard will do live therapy with some participants, as time allows, and engage the entire group in a discussion about the theory and methods used. There may be an opportunity for supervision of participants own therapy practice and a relational group process.

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This workshop will be in Spanish and English with professional simultaneous translation.
A certificate of Continuing Professional Education will be issued on completion.
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