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Psychotherapy of the Schizoid Process:
An Interactive Master Class

Richard G. Erskine, PhD.

Zoom Workshop: 8 Tuesdays:
September 14 & 28; October 12 & 26;
November 9 & 23; December 7 & 21, 2021
Time: UK = 17:00-20:00;
Western Europe = 6:00-9:00pm; Eastern Europe = 7:00-10:00pm;
NA Pacific time 9:00 am-12:00 pm; NA Eastern time 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm

This master class is intended for psychotherapists who want to further their under-standing and refine their therapeutic contact with clients who are struggling with Relational Withdrawal, Internal Criticism, Compliance, and Shame. These components of a Schizoid Process can be present, yet unrecognized, in the psychotherapy of many clients. Often such clients fear intimate relationships and retreat into a protective internal space that requires sensitive therapeutic attunement to their private and never verbalized experiences. In having a thorough understanding of the Schizoid Process psychotherapists are less likely to have countertransference reactions such as working harder and harder, boredom, sleepiness, or feel ashamed of their lack of effectiveness.

In this master class Dr. Richard Erskine will lead an interactive group discussion to explore various methods of working within the Schizoid Process. We will emphasize the importance of understanding the client’s phenomenological experience, the signif-icance of silence, the attunement of various parts of the Self, and the need for patience with the client’s difficulty in voicing their internal sensations and feelings. Participants are required to read a couple of articles prior to each class session and come to class prepared to discuss how the concepts presented in the articles may apply to their therapy practice. Participants are expected to bring therapy examples for a case discussion. This master class is an ideal follow-up to the previous Zoom course “Internal Criticism, Shame, and Relational Withdrawal: Psychotherapy of the Schizoid Process”.
Participation in these case discussions requires that each person
makes an ethical commitment to client confidentiality.

Dates and Required Readings

September 14:
• Richard Erskine: The schizoid process.
• Marye O’Reilly-Knapp: Between Two Worlds: The Encapsulated Self.

September 28:
• Ray Little: Schizoid Processes: Working with the Defenses of the Withdrawn
Child Ego State.
• Dan Eastop: Schizoid Phenomena and Relational-Needs.

October 12:
• Richard Erskine: Relational Withdrawal, Attunement to Silence: Psychotherapy
of the Schizoid Process.
• Lynn Martin: The Role of Shame in the Development of the Schizoid Process

October 26:
• Richard Erskine: Depression or Isolated Attachment?
• Richard Erskine: Internal Criticism and Shame, Physical Sensations and Affect.

November 9:
• Richard Erskine: Isolation, Loneliness, and a Need to be Loved
• Richard Erskine: Therapeutic Withdrawal and Painful Memories

November 23:
• Richard Erskine: My Mother’s Voice: Psychotherapy of Introjection
• Marye O’Reilly-Knapp: Silence, Withdrawal, and Contact in the Schizoid Process

December 7:
• Linda Finlay: Reflexively exploring the ‘therapeutic use of self”
• Ray Little: Engaging with the Schizoid Compromise

December 21:
• Leigh Bettles: “Come closer…but keep your distance”: A Client’s Perspective on the Psychotherapy of Schizoid Process.

Please plan on preparing a 15 to 20 minute case presentation for the group’s discussion. Your case presentation will be a central part of the interactive pro-cess in this group.

Contato: For Information and to register please contact:
Brenda Palmer, UK Relational Psychotherapy Association
Telefone: Phone: +44 (0) 1572 757004, Text: +44 (0)7702333351
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